Windows on Whanganui painting project.

The Windows on Whanganui painting project was a Whanganui Arts council concept, administered by Mainstreet Whanganui INC to paint/install creative heritage based images onto the windows of empty shop fronts in the CBD. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the project and between dec 1999- 2001 completed 15 temporary public artworks. The majority of the paintings where painted in reverse behind the glass.

‘Temple’ and ‘Road of life’, Acrylic on glass(3 panels), 2001, approximately 6000mm x2000mm, since removed.

‘Vic ave trams’, acrylic on plywood, 2400mm x 2400mm, 2000.Collection of the Whanganui regional museum.


‘Mosston meats’, acrylic on glass, 2000. (since removed).


‘Vic ave butcher’, acrylic on glass, 2000. (since removed).

‘Self portrait, the last supper’, acrylic on glass, 2001, (since removed).