A continuing theme within my painting practice has been to paint landscapes. Intended more as a form of observational practice and relaxation than a serious discussion in art. Here are a few examples.

‘Tuscan landscape with windows’, Oil on canvas, 2009, 2175mm x 840mm, private collection.

‘View from Putiki’, Oil on canvas, 2001, private collection.

‘View from Patapo pa’, oil on canvas, 2000

‘Bridge of Gaur, Scotland’, Oil on canvas, 2007, 1200mm x 1000mm, collection of the artist.

‘Untitled’, Oil on canvas, 1999, 2 panels, 1100mm x 900mm, private collection.

‘Untitled’, Oil on canvas, 1999-2001, 1200mm x 914mm, private collection.

‘Mysterious un-seen’, Oil on canvas, 2000, 1200mm x 914mm, collection of the artist.