Has It Ever Been More Tense Than Now?

Has It Ever Been More Tense Than Now ?
Video and Sound Installation
Sample recorded 02/05/2019, TTGallery, Tauranga, NZ

Climate change, comet impact, flat earth, no atmosphere, fake news, hate speech, free speech, wars for oil, proxy armies, missile tech, cyber warfare, cyber anywhere, economic sanctions, border walls, migration, colonisation, nationalism, socialism, annexation, apartheid, appropriation, censorship, surveillance, drone strikes, terrorism, industrial-military complex, chemical weapons, capitalism, nuclear energy, plastic seafood, deforestation, hunger, famine, glyphosate, genetic engineering, overpopulation, anti-vax, assisted dying, C sections rising, religion dividing, intolerance, spiritual freedom, LGBTQ, fear, cognitive dissonance, social constructs, and simulacra.

Has it ever been more tense than now?