Endings Are Beginnings, Pah Homestead, Auckland 2014-2015

An exhibition of moving image animated artworks by Kyle Sattler in the AV Gallery at The Pah Homestead, Arts House Trust Auckland 2014.

The moving image animation artworks by Auckland artist Kyle Sattler, illustrate the process of painting and drawing in the moving organic form experienced by the artist during creation. Invented as an antidote to what was perceived as a static restrictiveness with how painting is or can be viewed, this “educational” approach is in part intended to convey the method by which a traditional painting or drawing is constructed. The multimedia crossover contemporised and validates the seemingly more traditional art forms of painting and drawing, by changing and expanding on how the work can be experienced. These moving image animated paintings and drawings have been inspired from a desire to explore the movement and action of the moment and have sought to develop a means by which to delve into rhythms, time, time signatures, motion evolutions, speed of application and musical comparisons. The process proposes to build a dynamism creating a sense of evolution through sometimes subtle and/or abstract narratives where specific themes vary from one animation to the next but the overriding indication to human existence remains eternally preserved.