Cacophonic Opus Of The Flooded Whirlpool. Te Awa O Mauao Gallery 2020

Cacophonic Opus Of The Flooded Whirlpool from Kyle Sattler on Vimeo.

Video and Sound Installation. Another foray into the genre of ambient music using video (monitors) as the vessel for the sound component.

Recorded live during the ‘Stitched Up’ group exhibition, TOIT, Tauranga, New Zealand.
Feb 2020
Duration 11:05

The moving image motif of the whirlpool refers to the ancient pan-cultural symbolism of the grinding of the cosmic mill, which has forged numerous mythological manifestations throughout human history. In the work ‘Cacophonic Opus of the Flooded Whirlpool’, this imagery serves merely as a vessel with which to contain the element of sound.
Inspired by Brian Eno’s work, ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’, 1978. The semi-autonomous generative system of multiple monitors playing in unison forms an incommensurable artwork. Each moving image loop is set at a unique length allowing for a perpetual cycle of sonic and visual combinations.