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Kyle Sattler is a New Zealand born multimedia artist, musician, and producer and was educated at the Quay School of the Arts in Whanganui, New Zealand (BFA 1999) and Wintec in Hamilton New Zealand (MA distinction 2018).

His works look at the influence rhythm and flow on human experience, reflecting upon the ‘real present’ within the intuitive nature of the sphere of our effective action. Sattler’s recent installation artworks have focused primarily on sound and video using any number of semi-autonomous systems working incommensurably to mimic the aleatoric nature of our privileged human instants.

MA (distinction). Waikato Institute of Technology. Hamilton. 2017-2018
BFA. Quay School for the Arts. Whanganui. 1999.
Certificate in Fine Arts, Whanganui polytechnic, 1993 – 1995.

Selected Exhibitions and Artist Talks.

2018. ‘Navel of the Water’. The Zeus Gallery, Tauranga
2018. ‘Accidental Opus’, Ramp gallery, WINTEC, Hamilton
2014. ‘The deconstruction and re-invention of an artistic framework’, Artist talk, Morrinsville Arts festival.
2014. ‘Eternal Cycle of Renewal’, Morrinsville Wallace Art gallery, Morrinsville.
2014. ‘Endings are Beginnings’, AV Gallery, Wallace Arts Trust, Pah Homestead, Auckland.
2009. ‘Paintings’. Satellite Gallery, Auckland.
2006. ‘Wooden Pictish Circle’, (Environmental sculpture), Brook common, Surrey, England
2002. Mainstreet Calendar. Auction and floor talk. Whanganui
2002. ‘Superstring’, Installation. Temple gallery. Whanganui.
2001. Riverside artists open studio. Whanganui.
1997. ‘Igoy’. Red-eye cafe, Whanganui.


2018. ‘National Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand
2017. ‘AOT’, Art of Technology, Goddard center, Tauranga
2016. ‘Omission’, Project Room, Tauranga.
2016. ‘Nothing comes from nothing’, Calder and Lawson gallery, Waikato University, Hamilton.
2015. ‘Diversion’, The Project Room, Tauranga.
2015. ‘Sketchy’, Cross Street Gallery, Newton, Auckland. (Auckland Art Week)
2015. ‘Nothing comes from nothing’, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga.
2015. ‘National Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum, Hamilton.
2014. ‘It’s not the size that counts’, Zeus Gallery, Tauranga.
2014. ‘Black Riders’, (Auckland Art Week), Cross Street gallery, Auckland.
2014. ‘AKA Collective, KeScape’, Gallerie on Chapel Street, Tauranga.
2014. ‘Matariki on the waterfront festival’. Auckland.
2013. ‘Open’. 4 Cross st gallery, Auckland.
2013 – 2014. Wallace art awards, 2013, Exhibition of Winners and Finalists. Auckland, Porirua, and Morrinsville.
2013. ‘Matariki on the waterfront festival’. Auckland.
2013. ‘Skin 2’. Morrinsville Wallace Art gallery, Morrinsville.
2011. ‘Real’ New Zealand art show, Whanganui.
2010. Wallace art awards, ‘Salon de refuse’, Auckland.
2007. ‘Not so common’, 4 Cross Street Gallery, Auckland.
2004, 2002. North Shore City Art Awards. Mairangi Bay Auckland.
2002. Group Show. Depot Artspace. Devonport, Auckland.
2002. ‘V3’. Rip Shit and Bust fashion gallery. Auckland.
2002. On Painting. Point Zero. Whanganui.
2001. Images of reality. One Eye Gallery. Paekakariki.
2001. Exhibition with Ben King. Icandi Gallery. Whanganui.
2001. House of Art. Whanganui.
2000. Icandi Gallery. Whanganui.
2000. 10 Year anniversary show. Whanganui Community Art center.
1996 – 2000. Telecom regional art awards finalist’s exhibition. Sargent Gallery. Whanganui.
1999. Great eye dears. One Eye Gallery. Paekakariki.
1999. The Temple. Old Masonic Lodge. Whanganui.
1999. Zealot. Fourth-year graduation exhibition. Quay School of the Arts. Whanganui.
1999. Nagaizumi Culture Festival. Nagaizumi City library. Japan.
1994 – 1999. The Wanganui Arts review. Sargent Gallery. Whanganui.
1998. One Eye Gallery. Paekakariki.
1998. The One Eye Gallery artists show. Wallace Trust Gallery. Auckland.
1998. ‘V’ Taylor Jensen Gallery. Palmerston North.
1998. ‘V’ Wanganui Community Arts center. Whanganui.
1997. Aldente. Mairangi Bay arts center. Mairangi Bay.
1997. Norsewear art awards. Civic center. Waipukarau.
1996. Saucier. Pyromania. Tauranga.
1996. Sauce. Artworkz. Tauranga.
1995. Art Exhibition. James Smiths Building. Wellington.
1995. SH. James Smith Building. Wellington.
1994. ‘V’ Seven Gallery. Whanganui.


2019. Portrait(s), Tauranga/Auckland
2017. Laser cut design and formatting, Tauranga.
2014. Mural, Auckland.
2012. Flower painting, Auckland.
2012. Mural, central Auckland.
2011. Vaulted ceiling fresco, Auckland.
2011. Wall mural, Auckland.
2009. Family Portrait. Tauranga.
2009. A landscape for a cellar wall, Auckland.
2008. Portrait. Tauranga.
2008. Vaulted ceiling fresco. Auckland.
2005. Interior mural. Auckland.
2003 – 2005. Head artist, ‘Artifications Interiors’, Auckland.
2003. Trompe’ Loeil. Tauranga.
2002. 2003 Mainstreet Whanganui calendar. (8 works)
1999 – 2001. Windows on Whanganui painting project. (15 Temporary public artworks)
2001. Portrait commission. Tauranga.
2001. Designed and built 3 parade floats. Whanganui.
2001. Muralist. Wanganui district council.
2000 – 2002. Four private commissions to reproduce photographs as drawings. Whanganui.
2000. Rendering Artist. Kowhai Park, Whanganui.
1999. Mural. Whanganui.


2018. ‘Navel of the Water’, catalogue (incl lyrics).
2018. National Contemporary Art Award catalogue.
2017. Indie music album reviews, DivideandConquer.com, for ‘Blood from our Human Stone EP’, by We Will Ride Fast.
2017. Interview, Art of technology website
2015. ‘Diversion catalogue’.
2015. ‘Review’, Peter Dornauf, Eye contact.com
2015. National Contemporary Art Award catalogue.
2014. AKA Collective, Exhibition catalogue and website.
2014. Photo gallery, ‘Eternal Cycle of renewal’, Morrinsville Art Gallery, Website.
2014. Imagery, Auckland Art Week, website.
2014. Article/feature, Piako Post, Print and website.
2014. Feature, ‘Endings Are Beginnings’, Wallace Arts Trust website.
2013. Catalogue, 22nd Wallace Art Awards.
2013. ‘Feature’ in Dwell Asia, Print and online.
2013- ongoing ‘Vimeo’, Online video site.
2012. ‘Urbis’, August issue.
2012. ‘Interior’, Issue 4, June – July.
2010 – Ongoing ‘Bandcamp’, online music publishing. Various groups (Frayden, The Queens Birthday, Jupiter, Seede burners, FCOH records), multiple entries.
2009. Art news, spring issue.
2008 – ongoing, Kylesattler.com (Website)
2009. Big Idea (Website)
2009. Satellite gallery (Website)
2003. Mainstreet Wanganui Calendar.
2001. Wanganui Chronicle. ‘House of art show’
2001. Wanganui Chronicle. ‘Colourful art’.
2001. Wanganui Chronicle. ‘Images of Wanganui’.
2000. Wanganui Chronicle. ‘Window painting’
1999. Wanganui Chronicle. ‘Room with a view’.
1998. ‘Muster’, Compilation CD.
1997. Wanganui Chronicle. Awards photo.
1996. ‘Soft Adventure’, Compilation CD.
1996. Bay of Plenty Times. Exhibition feature.
1991. Bay of Plenty Times. Awards photo.


1998, 2009, 2010, 2013. Wallace collection. Auckland.
2010 – ongoing. Alexander Turnbull Library, NZ, Digital and hardcopy (audio) archive.
2003. Riverboat Museum, Whanganui.
2002. Whanganui Regional Museum.
2000. Whanganui Community Art center permanent collection.
1997 – 1999. Markham’s accountancy firm. Whanganui.
1996. Whanganui polytechnic permanent collection.
1994 – ongoing. (various private).



2018. Winner NCAA, People’s choice award.
2018. Finalist, National Contemporary Art Awards, Hamilton.
2015. Finalist, National Contemporary Art Awards, Hamilton.
2013. Finalist, Wallace Art Awards, Auckland.
2004. Factory frames merit award, Mairangi Art awards.
1996 – 2000. Commended, Telecom Art awards.
1997. Winner, Schizophrenia art awards. Whanganui.
1991. Winner, Disaster poster award, Tauranga.